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Readers support environmental group in Congress, better pay for deputies, recycling surcharge.

#17. Illinois: East St. Louis

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School says some new members suffered "welts and bruising."

A familiar face to Tucson music fans worked with John Oates — of Hall & Oates fame — on his upcoming solo release, “Good Road to Follow.”

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The dean of the University of Arizona’s College of Medicine in Tucson, who is at the center of a fierce dispute with a top surgeon, is leaving…


The first step in dealing with a problem is to admit that you have one.

These four guys are devising a way to instantly find the dozen "rarest of the rare" events among the million phenomena that will be seen each night by the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope.

Physicists who worked to prove the existence of the subatomic particle known as the Higgs boson basked in reflected glory Tuesday as the Nobel…

Yes, Nicole and Calvin Eason are living in Tucson.

  • By David Espo and Julie Pace The Associated Press

WASHINGTON — President Obama said in a nationally televised address Tuesday night that recent diplomatic steps offer “the potential to remove …

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WASHINGTON — The U.S. Senate approved legislation Wednesday to lock in $85 billion in widely decried spending cuts aimed at restraining soarin…

  • By Don Babwin and Michael Tarm The Associated Press

CHICAGO — Rod Blagojevich, the ousted Illinois governor whose three-year battle against criminal charges became a national spectacle, was sent…


NEW YORK — Regulators shut nine banks Friday, including Los Angeles-based California National, as the still-weak economy produces a stream of …


FRESNO, Calif. — Americans are using less water per person now than they have since the mid-1950s, thanks to water-saving technologies and a n…

CHICAGO — The number of students staying home sick with the flu is multiplying nationwide, and normally quiet school nurses' offices suddenly …