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Immigration And Customs Enforcement

End 'deportation mill,' lawsuit demands

End 'deportation mill,' lawsuit demands

Rights groups claim the government is deporting those with valid asylum claims.

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Stranded children's plight must spur immigration changes

The nation’s eyes are on Southern Arizona as we confront two aspects of our country’s confusing and broken immigration system.

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Feds should close deportation case against Daniel Neyoy Ruiz

The political stalemate over the United States’ clearly broken and nonsensical immigration policy in Washington, D.C., has trapped a Tucson family inside the welcoming walls of a south-side church where they have taken sanctuary from a federal deportation order.

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Border officers find drug tunnel in Nogales

Border officers find drug tunnel in Nogales

A completed drug tunnel was found Tuesday night in the backyard shed of a Nogales house, border officials say.

December 19, 2013 9:36 am Photos


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ICE says most released in Ariz. weren't criminals

More than 60 percent of those released from immigration detention centers in Arizona were classified as non-criminal, officials confirmed Friday.

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Migrant releases may hurt reforms

The release of illegal immigrants from detention in anticipation of budget cuts created a new hurdle for the new-found momentum for comprehensive immigration reform, politicians on both sides of the aisle say.

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White House: ‘Career officials at ICE’ released illegal immigrants from custody

WASHINGTON — The White House worked Wednesday to distance itself from the recent release of illegal immigrants from federal custody, a move officials at the Department of Homeland Security suggested was necessary given looming budget cuts.

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300 immigrants released in state since Thursday

About 300 people have been released from immigration detention centers in Arizona since Thursday, when the federal government started to review each case in anticipation of widespread budget cuts.

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ICE worker accused of harboring immigrants

A Douglas woman who works for a federal immigration agency has been accused of using her home to stash illegal immigrants being smuggled into the U.S.

September 15, 2012 12:00 amLoading…

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