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Industry Regulation

Not perfect, but it’s been a boon for consumers and helped grow the economy

The financial system that pushed the U.S. economy to the edge of collapse in 2008 was a doubly rigged game.

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Chicago aldermen vote to ban gun-like cellphone cases

CHICAGO — The Chicago City Council has voted to outlaw cellphone cases made to look like real guns.

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Proposed label would tell you how much added sugar to eat

Proposed label would tell you how much added sugar to eat

WASHINGTON (AP) — Wondering if you are eating too much added sugar? The nutrition label on your food may one day help you figure it out.

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Minneapolis city council restricts flavored tobacco sales

MINNEAPOLIS — Flavored cigars will no longer be sold in Minneapolis convenience stores starting in January.

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Legislative Democrats introduce bills for breast milk banks

LANSING, Mich. — Members of the Democratic minority in the Michigan Legislature have introduced bills setting out rules for sharing of human breast milk in the state.

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Power line work delayed due to concerns over protected birds

LA CROSSE, Wis. — The construction of a portion of a major high-voltage power line connecting Minnesota and Wisconsin is on hold due to concerns about nesting by protected bird species.

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Missouri changes insurance requirements for eating disorders (copy)

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — Missouri is set to be the first state in the nation to spell out the type of eating disorder treatments that insurance companies must cover, a move advocates say will ensure families have access to care for not just the physical aspect but also the underlying mental issues.

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July 1 brings dozens of new Georgia laws

ATLANTA — July 1 brings the start of a new year for state government, and dozens of laws that go into effect for the first time.

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Breast-milk pumping at work is legal, but needs more support

BLOOMINGTON, Ind.  — Margie Schrader did it in her office. Kirstin Milks did it in her classroom. Jami Hamman did it in her cubicle. And Jean Bauer did it wherever she could find a lockable door.

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Ohio Senate OKs package restrictions for e-cigarette liquid

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Ohio senators have passed a bill to require liquid nicotine used in electronic cigarettes to be sold in child-resistant packaging.

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Iowa medical marijuana prompts parents to consider moving

CEDAR FALLS, Iowa — The Legislature's failure to expand Iowa's medical marijuana law has some parents of sick children looking to Minnesota.

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New loan program for charter schools draws scrutiny

INDIANAPOLIS — The Indiana Senate's top budget writer is sounding an alarm about a new provision included in the spending plan lawmakers passed this year that gives charter schools access to $50 million in low-interest state loans.

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Wal-Mart bans women after aisle scuffle caught on video

INDIANAPOLIS — Wal-Mart officials say they're banning from company property the two women involved in a fight inside a suburban Indianapolis store that was captured on cellphone video.

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Scientists targeted for cuts have studied GOP issues

MADISON, Wis. — The group of state Department of Natural Resources scientists that Republican lawmakers targeted for cuts has been working on a number of politically charged issues in recent years, including climate change, pollution and mining.

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