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A federal judge sentenced him for trying to defraud the IRS of $651,500.

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Readers make their point on Bernie Sanders ad, sports referees, trail etiquette.

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Opponents say the bill gives developers too much control over improvement districts that fund public infrastructure.

Odd and interesting news from the Midwest.

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  • Arizona Daily Star

Volunteers help lower-income taxpayers at IRS-sanctioned help sites. 

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  • By Patrick McNamara Arizona Daily Star

Defendants used ill-gotten personal info to file false tax returns.

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  • By Diane Diamond Special to the Arizona Daily Star

Tax break can be substantial but usage must be well-documented

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Reader opinions on IRS cuts, supply-side economics, civics test, act of kindness.

  • Arizona Daily Star

Training starts this weekend for the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program.

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  • By Catherine Rampell The Washington Post

Political leaders have improved odds for getting away with tax evasion.

  • Arizona Daily Star

Business rate goes to 57.5 cents per mile; medical or moving mileage allowance will drop slightly.

  • By Michael Gerson The Washington Post

The scandal-ridden IRS has undermined our trust in the American way.

  • By U.S. Sen. Jeff Flake Special to the Arizona Daily Star

Few qualities are more American than a zeal for fair play. That’s why, when reports emerged last spring that the Internal Revenue Service was …

  • Arizona Daily Star

Arizonans are owed more than $17.5 million in federal income-tax refunds for 2010, the Internal Revenue Service says.

If your annual gross income is $58,000 or less, you can use Free File, the IRS' online tax preparation and e-filing program, starting tomorrow…

  • Eugene Robinson Washington Post Writers Group

It's not your imagination. The Republican Party really does seem to have taken leave of its senses.

  • Charles Krauthammer Washington Post Writers Group

The conventional wisdom evolves. Yesterday, Washington was merely broken, gridlocked, dysfunctional. The passive voice spread the blame evenly…

  • George F. Will Washington Post Writers Group

As soon as the Constitution permitted him to run for Congress, Al Salvi did. In 1986, just 26 and fresh from the University of Illinois law sc…

  • Arizona Daily Star Arizona Daily Star

Teachers are heroes who serve and protect

  • Jonah Goldberg Tribune Media Services

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of spe…