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If you’ve ever sat at a congested Tucson intersection and thought “at least our traffic isn’t as bad as Phoenix,” you might want to think again.

Lots of Tucsonans would like to ride their bicycles but are too afraid to because they’re not comfortable sharing the road with cars.

The Regional Transportation Authority is looking to approve its next round of bond funding to pay for upcoming road projects.

It’s been almost two months since the Pima County Board of Supervisors voted to shift $872,000 in road repair money from Supervisor Ally Mille…

A Darwinian struggle for survival.

  • Tim Steller Arizona Daily Star

If Sunnyside Unified School District will not admit to a corruption problem, perhaps it will cop to having boundary issues.

  • Jamar Younger, Arizona Daily Star

A 42-year-old man was arrested Thursday after police say he set fire to his south side home following a domestic fight, police said.

  • Jamar Younger Arizona Daily Star

A monsoon storm swept through Tucson on Thursday evening, flooding washes and streets, causing rock slides on the Catalina Highway and shuttin…

  • Fernanda Echavarri, Arizona Daily Star

A monsoon storm wreaked chaos on the northwest side Tuesday evening, knocking over power poles, leaving traffic on West Ina Road severely rest…

  • Jamar Younger Arizona Daily Star

The Ralph's Service Station building in the historic Armory Park neighborhood serves as an example of longevity.

  • Brian J. Pedersen and Jamar Younger Arizona Daily Star

2 residents displaced after apartment fire