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Re: the June 25 column "Trump finds a friend in Arizona's 'maverick' senator."

When Rep. Martha McSally, Sen. John McCain and Donald Trump are quick to blame "radical Islam" for the massacre in Orlando or Obama for the ri…

Re: the June 18 letter "We'd all be safer if John McCain retired."

Re: John McCain says he misspoke by calling Obama responsible for the attack in Orlando. Democrats quickly criticize Arizona senator’s remarks.

As my representative in the Senate, I take umbrage with Republican Sen. John McCain using, "I misspoke" as an excuse for your rude and incorre…

Even as a strong supporter of gun law reform, I recognize that guns are not the cause of violence; they are the instrument of violence. Whethe…

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Re: the June 17 article "McCain ties killings in Florida to president." 

ED Letter Hed goes here two lines

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ED Letter Hed goes here two lines

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Supervisor's bad judgement emerges; plus items on McCain, Corp Comm candidates.

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  • By Sen. John McCain Special to the Arizona Daily Star

A-10s and more protected in policy bill. 

  • By Sarah Garrecht Gassen Arizona Daily Star
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Does Trump mean what he says?

In her first Spanish-language ad, Kirkpatrick attacks McCain for his "complete the damned fence" comments, resurrects old ad.

Video shows Michael Ward attempt to block recording of his wife speaking at a Green Valley meeting

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Defense authorization bill could be a big boon to Raytheon a year from now 

McCain say he "feels the Bern" says Sanders could win California primary

Nanos' suspension of rival looks bad, but what of the union's switcheroo?

Follow environmental act on Rosemont, no more establishment candidates, neighbors reject homeless. 

Right to benefit from solar, senators should name nominee, Prop. 123's hidden negatives. 

Employment at other local aerospace employers was flat or down slightly in 2015,