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  • By Cate Kortzeborn Special to the Arizona Daily Star

It’s never too late to quit smoking. While it's best to stop as early as possible, kicking the smoking habit at any age will enhance the lengt…

People can still pull off the "file and restrict" gambit as long as they turn 66 before January 2020

Letters on call for UA president's resignation, Medicare cost savings.

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Letters on political parties, Board of Supervisors, insulin prices, La Alianza legacy. 

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Opinions on Trans Pacific Partnership, 'neocon' column, "I've got mine" attitude.

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Opinions on drug cost control legislation, offensive "Nightfall," parks and tourism bonds.

  • illustration by Tammie graves / Arizona Daily Star

We must continue to learn new things about a rapidly changing world and our own changing capabilities.

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Readers make their point on unsustainable programs, supporting teachers, defunding Planned Parenthood.

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Letters refuting Goldberg column, correcting Medicare facts, discriminatory practices.

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Opinions on Bernie Sanders event, Medicare for all, open-concept school.

Government has concerns about patient care.

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  • By Dr. Eve Shapiro
    and Dr. Richard Wahl Special to the Arizona Daily Star

Medicare works, let's expand it 

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Reader opinions on end-of-life plan, Trump comment, education rankings.

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Reader opinions on Medicare senate bills, JTED opportunities, Fourth Ave. parking.

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  • By Adina Wingate For the Arizona Daily Star

Dental care is a top concern among Tucson seniors, recent surveys show.

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Open enrollment for health coverage via the ACA runs Nov. 15-Feb. 15.

She speaks out after instigating largest false-claims settlement in Arizona history.

Barber campaign releases 30-second ad to debunk recent attack ads on TV, radio.

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Whistleblower who notified government will get nearly $6 million.

  • Arizona Daily Star

Feds: Tucson hospitals submitted false claims to Medicare, other programs.