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Reader responses on UA stadium fee, county attorney race, Ray Carroll.

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  • By Mariana Dale Arizona Daily Star

Streetcar, parking fines, new meters are among the year's top happenings. 

The Tucson Modern Streetcar was named public works project of the year.

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Local officials honored a group of Congressmen who supported the streetcar project

Those attending the Fourth Avenue Street Fair this week will able to get up close and personal with the OG of Sunlink's Modern Streetcar fleet.

Grant Hawman ditched his pancakes and ran outside of the B Line cafe to snap a picture of the modern streetcar with his BlackBerry.

Fans of the modern streetcar project might get a chance to see it humming along the electrified tracks today.

Fans of the Modern Streetcar project might get a chance to see it humming along the electrified tracks tomorrow, as Sun Link starts daytime testing.

  • By Doug Mance Special to the Arizona Daily Star

As a member of the Citizens for Accountability for Regional Transportation, or CART Committee, I am one of 32 volunteers whose job it is to “a…

Starting later tonight, city crews will be dragging the modern streetcar along part of its 3.9-mile route.

A big name in Tucson politics will make a rare public appearance on Friday, allowing locals to get up close and personal.

  • By Steve Christy Special to the Arizona Daily Star

Let’s celebrate the arrival of the Tucson streetcar.

The first of eight new streetcars will arrive in Tucson this morning, but it will be at least a month before anyone sees it riding the 3.9 mil…

  • Benjie Sanders/Arizona Daily Sta

Some meters are out of commission, and some parking spaces have been removed.

  • Becky Pallack Arizona Daily Star

This week marks one full year of streetcar construction in downtown Tucson - and merchants there are fuming.


Hugo Lopez works on tracks near the Hotel Congress. Shopkeepers have been begging for a break on parking rates, to no avail.

  • Darren DaRonco Arizona Daily StaR

City taxpayers could wind up paying a $4.4 million annual operating subsidy for the streetcar - more than quadruple what city officials were t…

  • Darren DaRonco Arizona Daily Star

Tucson and Pima County officials are at an impasse over disputed plans to build a streetcar stop over a major county sewer interceptor.

  • Darren DaRonco Arizona Daily Star

It will be at least a year before a bridge built to carry the modern streetcar across the Santa Cruz River actually feels the rumble of steel wheels.


An artist's rendering of the proposed One East Broadway, combining retail, offices and apartments.