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Exuberant backlash to description of astronomy as "boys with toys."

Astronomers trying to figure out how galaxies interact.

Development comes just as National Science Foundation was looking to cut ties.

  • By Tom Beal Arizona Daily Star

It may no longer be the national observatory, but its biggest telescopes have landed new scientific projects.

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  • By Tom Beal Arizona Daily Star

Donation helps UA stay involved in consortium building world's largest telescope.

The LSST promises the widest, deepest, fastest view of the cosmos.

Astronomer Lori Allen said the discovery of the most remote orbiting object in our solar system is “terrific news” in itself, but also for th…

Tucson-area high school juniors with an interest in neuroscience are encouraged to apply for the fourth annual Brain Academy at St. Joseph’s Hospital.

The biggest telescopes on the mountain will have to find new uses, new users and new money in the coming years.

These four guys are devising a way to instantly find the dozen "rarest of the rare" events among the million phenomena that will be seen each night by the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope.

  • Tom Beal Arizona Daily Star

The National Science Foundation should "divest" all of its telescopes on Kitt Peak, according to a panel it commissioned to advise it on expec…


McMath-Pierce Solar Telescope, left, is losing funding along with a solar observatory on Sacramento Peak in New Mexico.


Shona Kroto, a senior manufacturing engineer at 4D Technology Corp., runs some final tests on an AccuFiz Compact Laser Interferometer. The pre…

  • Kelly Presnell/Arizona Daily Sta

President of 4D Technology Corp.

  • David Wichner Arizona Daily Star

Life is full of small distractions we get used to, like trains rumbling by.

  • By David Wichner, Arizona Daily Star

Life is full of small distractions we get used to, like trains rumbling by.


The National Optical Astronomy Observatory, which operates an array of telescopes in Arizona, Hawaii and Chile from offices in Tucson, is layi…