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Isaac Caruso’s mural is on a 50- by 50-feet wall at 9 N. Scott Ave. Bright oranges float in front of a striking blue background, bringing a to…

The winged heart on the side of Cafe 54, 54 E. Pennington St., was done by a team of artists: Rachel Slick, Tim Schirack and Alexandra Gjurasi…

  • By Rosie Romero

Q: I have an iron security door on my custom-built home, and the door has really started to fade to the point that it looks almost gray. It’s …

  • By Bonnie Henry Special to the Arizona Daily Star

One generation's turquoise is another's avocado.

  • By Gabrielle Fimbres Special to the Arizona Daily Star

Learn ways to live your best life.

  • By Rosie Romero Special to the Arizona Daily Star

Consider a mini-split air conditioner to help cool your garage.

  • Lisa F. Young

You can paint your home’s exterior at almost any time of the year in Southern Arizona; just watch the weather and make sure no rain is forecast.

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  • By Rosie Romero Special to the Arizona Daily Star

Questions include exhaust power, a dense tree and a new roof for old mobile home.

  • By Rosie Romero Special to The Arizona Daily Star

When you put your house on the market, you’re probably hoping to get a good price without investing too much in repairs and remodeling before …

  • By Carlos Herrera Arizona Sonora News Service

It took eight long years, but Tombstone finally blasted its way onto True West Magazine’s Top 10 True Western Towns for 2014. Tombstone comes …

A 12-foot-tall bronze statue on the University of Arizona campus depicting four bobcats — a male, a female and two kittens — and benches near …

  • By Angela Pittenger Arizona Daily Star

Posner’s Art Store, the go-to art and architecture supply store for University of Arizona students, is celebrating its 100th year in business.


Caption: When pavers are laid in your yard, polymeric sand is often put into the seams and joints between the pavers. Once water mixes with th…

  • Rosie Romero Rosie Romero Special To The Arizona Daily Star Special To The Arizona Daily Star

Every year, thousands of Arizona residents email Rosie Romero's website or call his radio show with questions about everything from how to pre…

  • Kim Smith The Arizona Daily Star

A California man on death row nearly 26 years for kidnapping and murdering 8-year-old Vicki Lynne Hoskinson will be back in court today.

  • Anonymous

Pictured here are children preparing for the Halloween festival in Anaheim, Calif., Oct. 20, 1962. Nearly everyone turns out to watch the para…

A U.S. District Court judge has denied a motion that would’ve granted child-killer Frank Jarvis Atwood a hearing where his attorneys could arg…