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Keeping our wartime promise:

The following editorial appeared Thursday in the Los Angeles Times:

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Rest of AZ lags Phx. suburbs in growth

PHOENIX - The most far-flung suburbs of Phoenix are the new nirvana, if figures just released by the U.S. Census Bureau are any indicator. The rest of Arizona, including Tucson, not so much.

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Local group giveaway: 50,000 condoms

A Tucson-based environmental group plans to distribute 50,000 free condoms across the U.S. through the holiday season as part of a campaign aimed at calling attention to the impact of human population growth on wildlife.

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Census: AZ saw small net influx of people in 2011

PHOENIX - New figures Monday from the U.S. Census Bureau showed the number of people moving to Arizona in 2011 from other states slightly exceeded the number of folks who decided to seek fame and fortune elsewhere.

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Signs of recovery noted for Arizona, Tucson

Arizona and Tucson continue to gradually recuperate from the recession, but it's a fragile recovery, University of Arizona economists said Tuesday.

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Battle at Miracle Valley

Battle at Miracle Valley

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Letters to the editor

More money won't fix broken system

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Obama must make decision on Afghan war


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Despite growth, per-person water use is lowest since 1950s

FRESNO, Calif. — Americans are using less water per person now than they have since the mid-1950s, thanks to water-saving technologies and a nationwide push to safeguard dwindling supplies.

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In reality, few would qualify for public option

WASHINGTON — Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's gambit to include a government-run insurance option in health-care legislation may lack the 60 votes it needs to begin Senate debate, but it has given a fresh tailwind to the idea.

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Over half of Arizonans polled say they won't get H1N1 flu vaccine

More than half of Arizonans say they are not going to get inoculated against the novel 2009 H1N1 virus, a new poll says.

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Jewish fest offers a full range of foods

Jewish fest offers a full range of foods

A sea of people filled a portion of Brandi Fenton Memorial Park Sunday to sample food and take in live performances as congregation Or Chadash held its annual Jewish Food Festival and Family Fun Fair fundraiser.

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Event helps fund senior housing

Christie Spencer and a force of more than 30 volunteers staging the Sensational Settings fundraiser for St. Luke's Home are not only celebrating home, but helping make one.

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London cemetery touts grave sharing, but many resist lying with strangers

London cemetery touts grave sharing, but many resist lying with strangers

LONDON — So you think London, population 8 million, is crowded with the living?

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New law to redraw Pinal lines voided

PHOENIX — A judge has voided a new state law that its sponsor admits was designed to shift control of the Pinal County Board of Supervisors from Democrats to Republicans.

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Job statistics are bleak

PHOENIX — Arizonans have been told for months now that the state jobless rate is hovering in the low 9 percent range.

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