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  • By Patrick McNamara Arizona Daily Star

Neighbors were concerned about environmental safety of recycled asphalt used. 

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1,800 miles of road, but only enough money for 31.

A total of four campaigns — all Republican — have run into trouble with local municipalities.

  • By Yoohyun Jung For the Arizona Daily Star

It no longer takes nearly a month and a half for Tucson to fix potholes.

It won’t be done in time for this year’s Tucson Gem & Mineral Show, but Arizona Department of Transportation officials are getting close t…

It might soon take a little longer to cover the same amount of ground along stretches of Valencia and Silverbell roads.

Priscilla Cornelio  rose from her chair after the Board of Supervisor’s meeting and exchanged pleasantries to people standing nearby.

Pima County Transportation Department staffers are largely staying out of a decision whether to permanently turn off 11 speed cameras next week.

Eagle-eyed pedestrians walking over Broadway and Congress Street on the footbridge in front of the county buildings can see the problem when t…

The Pima County Board of Supervisors rejected a formal appeal made by a local construction company over a $10 million road construction contract.

Fix the darn roads.

  • Becky Pallack Arizona Daily Star

As the first few major Regional Transportation Authority projects are completed, some drivers are enjoying the experience of a perfectly good road.

  • Becky Pallack Arizona Daily Star

Local transportation directors know streets are in bad shape, but the challenge is how to fix them with an ever-shrinking pot of money.

  • Amer Taleb For The Arizona Daily Star

Sixty days is 60 days. Seems like an easy enough concept. That is, unless you get a few bureaucrats from the county and state election offices…