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This week volunteers with Tucson Citizens’ Climate Lobby travel to Washington, D.C. to ask Congress for climate change legislation. Arizona fi…

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Sulphur Springs serves more than 51,000 customers in Southern Arizona.

Reader opinions on TEP renewable energy plan, no KidsCare in state budget. 

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TEP's 2016 plan is approved, but two controversial solar programs are stripped out for further consideration.

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The machinery giant has installed a hybrid solar and diesel power microgrid system at its Tucson Proving Ground and is offering systems to customers.

Readers support environmental group in Congress, better pay for deputies, recycling surcharge.

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Views on border strike force, prayers after shootings, success in Foothills schools.

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Installations began last week and will be completed for all schools by end of year.

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TEP will roll controversial solar 'net metering' proposal into full rate case.

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  • By David Wichner Arizona Daily Star

Corporation Commission staff says move to cut credits to new rooftop solar customers should go to a full rate case.

TEP would own panels, participants would get 25-year freeze on rates.

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UA officials also announce an expansion of the Solar Zone.

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Environmentalists continue to push for a coal-free plant in Tucson.

It may be an understatement to say that a lot has happened since Paul Bonavia became chief executive of UNS Energy Corp. and its main subsidia…

  • By Howard Fischer Capitol Media Services

PHOENIX — Arizona manufacturers and smelters are in line for a big tax break not being offered to other companies and individuals.

  • Arizona Daily Star

Davis-Monthan Air Force Base dedicated a 16.4-megawatt photovoltaic solar array on Thursday that is the largest of its kind on any Department …

State utility regulators are considering plans to waive — or possibly eliminate — a mandate that Tucson Electric Power Co. and other utilities…

  • Voterama In Congress

Key Votes Ahead

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  • By Norm Meader Special to the Arizona Daily Star

The ongoing battle to stop the SunZia Southwest Transmission Project from being routed through either the San Pedro Valley or between the Arav…

  • By John McLean Special to the Arizona Daily Star

In the early 1990s, my company was exploring locations for a strategic expansion into electro-optic system development. The criteria included …