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Re: the June 12 column "On Trump question, Flake and McSally leave us hanging."

  • Murphy Woodhouse Arizona Daily Star

Quick Mart #20, 8494 E. Speedway

The Wildcats are excluded from a prominent website's ranking of the top 100 players in college football. 

  • By Becky Pallack Arizona Daily Star

McSally tells her next steps on A-10 and immigration issues.

Democrat Raúl Grijalva has won a seventh term representing Southern Arizona in Congress.

  • Darren DaRonco Arizona Daily Star

Sun Tran and union reps agree to delay bus strike 24 hours.

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  • By Christopher Elliott The Travel Troubleshooter

What to do when things go 'Awry' with your hotwire booking

One of the three races for Legislative District 14 has unofficially been decided.

  • By Thomas Sanders Special to the Arizona Daily Star

Every April, as taxpayers claiming deductions for charitable gifts submit their IRS returns, I recall the words of a wealthy, now-deceased fri…

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has launched a new, nationwide ad campaign tying Republican candidates to a budget proposal th…

  • By Dan Sullivan Special to the Arizona daily Star

There is an unfortunate trend that has been exploited by shock radio and political campaigns for decades: If you say it loudly enough and ofte…

  • By Mayor Jonathan Rothschild Special to the Arizona Daily Star

Tucsonans have good reason to be concerned over the possibility of Davis-Monthan Air Force Base losing its 83 A-10C “Warthogs” and the jobs th…

  • By Norma Mendoza-Denton Special to the Arizona Daily Star

Many of our political representatives are lionized when they act “tough” or “no nonsense.”

  • By Howard Fischer Capitol Media Services

PHOENIX — For years, Cathi Herrod and her Center for Arizona Policy have flexed their political muscles, pushing through legislation represent…

  • By Michael Gerson The Washington Post

The evidence accumulates that the Republican Party is sobering up — cotton-mouthed and slightly disoriented — from its recent ideological bender.

  • Arizona Daily Star

We asked Southern Arizona lawmakers and candidates for governor for their thoughts on SB 1062, legislation that would allow businesses to disc…

  • By Mariana Dale For the Arizona Daily Star

Some time in the next decade, Bookmans’ flagship store could be looking for a new home — the second time a road widening has forced the homegr…

  • David Fitzsimmons The Arizona Daily Star

     For me the NSA leaker story is not a story about privacy rights or the war on terror. It’s a much bigger story. It’s the story of how rem…

  • GRS

Here is a characteristic pose of Sen. Alben Barkley, of Kentucky, who last night sounded a ringing praise for The New Deal and a scorching den…

  • AP

Sen. Alben Barkley, of Kentucky, right, waves to cheering delegates as he appears on speakers rostrum to deliver keynote address at the Democr…