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Re:the June 22 letter "Independents have hurt Dems, GOP."

The Senate voted down four gun control proposals. Two submitted by Democrats and two submitted by Republicans. All four were voted down despit…

Now that the candidates have been selected, pending approval of their respective parties, it's time the print and electronic media even out th…

Republican logic: People on the terror watch list should be able to get guns because preventing them from doing so would violate a Constitutio…

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ED Letter Hed goes here two lines

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Cases must be decided quickly so election materials can be printed.

  • By Sarah Garrecht Gassen Arizona Daily Star
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Does Trump mean what he says?

Re: the May 25 letters "Linking Prop. 123 to income is silly" and "Prop. 123 'no' voters support education."

Re: the May 24 Fitzsimmons cartoon. 

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  • By Randy Moody Special to the Arizona Daily Star

Republicans who support individual liberty and reproductive rights should be voting for Hillary Clinton in the fall. You don’t have to change …

Re: the May 17 article "County polling places not listed on AZ website."

Re: the May 17 article "New law protects student speech, targets protesters delaying rallies."

Follow environmental act on Rosemont, no more establishment candidates, neighbors reject homeless.