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Jim Falken wanted to know what candidates for Pima County supervisor thought of Ally Miller's road plan

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Letters on Ann Weaver Hart, Living with Alzheimer's series, Nancy Reagan cartoon.

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Readers' views on Krauthammer column, Fry's Houghton store, funding mental health services.

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Letters on a peaceful hike, Benghazi movie, supporting Pima College, appreciating the presidency.

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Mark Rosenbaum tested positive in 1983

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Letters on new name for ISIS, healthcare company greed, lesson not learned.

World premiere of the play gives a peek at what U.S. presidents might talk about when together.

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  • By Howard Fischer Capitol Media Services

The new graduation requirement begins with the current crop of sophomores.

A collection of political stories from across the state

  • By Patrick McNamara Arizona Daily Star

Once considered among the best-organized public forums in the country, the Sunday Evening Forum has been resurrected.

The Sunday Evening Forum, the go-to speaker series for generations of Tucson families, returns March 30, adding to the mix of new buildings, n…

  • By Howard Fischer Capitol Media Services

PHOENIX — Gov. Jan Brewer, who developed an international reputation for her vociferous attacks on illegal immigration, is ending her career a…

  • By Michael Gerson The Washington Post

The Republican Party is undergoing its most significant foreign policy debate since President Richard Nixon dismissed then-Gov. Ronald Reagan …

  • By Howard Fischer Capitol Media Services

PHOENIX — Arizona taxpayers may spend $30 million to do little more than find out how good — or bad — a job the federal government does in sec…

I am pretty sure my bathroom scale is a Republican.

  • By Howard Fischer Capitol Media Services

PHOENIX — Republican gubernatorial hopeful Al Melvin is using quotes from Abe Lincoln in his running fight with President Obama and his policies.

Thank God Thanksgiving will be over soon so I can stop fretting about soup kitchens, food banks and hunger in America and just go shopping.

Eydie Gorme (gor-MAY'), a popular nightclub and television singer as a solo act and as a team with husband Steve Lawrence, has died. She was 8…

AUSTIN, Texas — A coalition of civil rights organizations has filed a judicial misconduct complaint against a conservative federal judge for d…

  • By Christina Rexrode AP Business Writer

The Dow Jones industrial average often makes headlines. But let's not forget everything else that happened as the Dow has twisted and turned Ñ…