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Forest Service decision could come as early as mid-May.

U.S. Forest Service reports that the fire is human caused.

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Letters on female libido drug, copper layoffs, thanks for community programs.

Hikers can get fit in scenic settings on trails around Tucson.

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Court hearing over permit issued by ADEQ to allow mine to operate.

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Mountains near Nogales are home to a population of reintroduced native frogs.

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Officials have this advice for those building memorials: Don't.

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Critics say any mitigation deal could help the mine win approval.

This Q&A with company officials covers Rosemont environmental, business, transportation issues.

2011 wildfire was started by a company employee.

A community group and a retired air-pollution scientist filed separate lawsuits Wednesday challenging Arizona’s approval of an air-quality per…

Weekes dedicated nearly 50 years to the search for sources of high-energy particles in the cosmos.

In a decision that both sides are spinning as a victory, the British Columbia Securities Commission says that under certain circumstances, it …

The takeover battle for the Canadian company that owns the Rosemont Mine site hits a climactic moment in Vancouver, B.C. today (Tuesday, April 29).

Officials of Augusta Resource Corp. and Hudbay Minerals Inc. will argue over whether the British Columbian government should put a halt to a shareholders rights plan that Augusta approved a year ago in an effort to make it easier for the company to fend off a hostile takeover offer. The discussion will come at a public hearing of the British Columbia Securities Commission, which regulates the trading of stock owned by B.C.-based companies such as Augusta.

The meeting comes only three days before Augusta shareholders are scheduled to discuss whether to extend the rights plan, which was created in part to try to head off a Hudbay takeover effort -- which Hudbay launched in February of this year anyway. It comes a week before Hudbay's takeover offer is scheduled to expire on May 5.

For those interested in the outcome of the proposed Rosemont Mine in the Santa Rita Mountains southeast of Tucson, the takeover struggle has several potential implications:

-- As Hudbay officials see it, the takeover would be a big boost to the Rosemont project's long-term prospects, because it is better heeled financially than Augusta Resource and can better withstand a prolonged permitting struggle over the mine. Hudbay has repeatedly questioned Augusta's statements that it expects to have federal permitting of the mine finished by the end of June 2014. In fact, in its proposal to the B.C. securities body, it attached a graphic saying that Augusta has now pushed back the date at which it expects to get all needed permits 11 times since its seven year push to get the mine approved began in 2007.

-- For its part, Augusta officials

Don’t worry, the Rosemont Mine isn’t likely to pollute the well-loved Davidson Canyon or Cienega Creek southeast of Tucson, says the Arizona D…

A new batch of photos of an endangered male jaguar walking through the Santa Rita Mountains was released this week by the Arizona Game and Fis…

The Pima County Board of Supervisors delayed a decision to accept money from Rosemont Copper to compensate for what the company says is the im…

After two years of review, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers still has concerns about Rosemont Copper’s plans to buy land and water rights to c…

When’s the next time you’ll be lucky enough to see a jaguar at Rosemont? When a visiting Canadian investor hops out of one.

When the Canadians are done scraping the Santa Ritas clean we’ll be left with a mile wide hole with a dead lake at the bottom. Our very own La…