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  • Nick Selbe,


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Vail Academy student seeks to spread love of environment across the globe.

Tucson parishioners agree with Pope Francis on the environment. 

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  • By Ben Champion and Chester Phillips Special to the Arizona Daily Star

Conservation efforts bring real value to University of Arizona.

People have farmed here for 4,000 years. But not just corn, beans and squash ...

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Manzo Elementary students get a taste of SeaWorld, wildlife.

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For Tucson's Mrs. Green, a sustainable lifestyle begins one step at a time. 

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  • By Nicole Brule-Fisher Special to the Arizona Daily Star

Specific projects illustrate their commitment to energy, water savings.

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Manzo Elementary harvest to be delivered to school lunch trays.

  • Susan Billings Arizona Daily Star

Water harvesting tour delivered inspiration for living more lightly on the earth.

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UA officials also announce an expansion of the Solar Zone.

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  • By Elena Acoba Special to the Arizona Daily Star

Are your plants on steroids? Here's a better option.

Pima County has met more than half of the goals it set five years ago when it decided to implement environmentally friendly practices in its o…

  • By Sandy Fabritz-Whitney Special to the Arizona Daily Star

Arizona has a long history of addressing our water supply challenges.

VISION House is the most energy-efficient project of a long career in solar-home building.

  • By John R. Block

When Congress expanded the Renewable Fuel Standard in 2007, it did so with three important policy objectives in mind.

  • By Mark J. Perry

How did we reach the point where the government is promoting a dreadful fuel that gets worse fuel economy than gasoline or diesel, drives up f…

The Tanque Verde Wash, unlike most of its Tucson counterparts, still blooms with yellowing cottonwood and willow trees during autumn’s current peak.

  • By Ashley Powell Arizona Daily Star

Local music lovers and Tucson cyclists can find themselves shopping at the same store, now that a local music store has started selling a line…

  • By Alison H. Jones Special to the Arizona Daily Star

There is not enough water. Supplies are decreasing due to drought conditions and demand is increasing.