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Entertainer could be back in 2017, manager says.

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  • By Patrick McNamara Arizona Daily Star

Collections are being postponed until Jan. 9.

  • By Sarah Garrecht Gassen Arizona Daily Star

What Thanksgiving lesson do we want to celebrate, fear or kindness?

  • Cathalena E. Burch Arizona Daily Star

Singer-songwriters sends out poetic invite to Wednesday night Monterey Court gig.

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  • By Howard Fischer Capitol Media Services

An annual survey finds higher prices in Arizona for veggies and other sides this holiday season.

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Autumn in Tucson: We share why fall is to be savored and enjoyed.

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Autumn in Tucson: We share why fall is to be savored and enjoyed.

We’re collecting readers’ photos of their homemade autumn decor. Send your pictures to Include the creator's and photograph…

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Too early? Too bad. Santa is here. 

  • Ann Brown Arizona Daily Star

Autumn in Tucson: We share why fall is to be savored and enjoyed.

 “Ever wonder what happened to the weird outcasts in school who were bullies?"

Fitzwire- Friday morning thousands of punks, school vandals and graffiti artists will be ditching class to march in front of the Capital in Ph…

Thousands of delivery drones, thought to be Crane Flies, were swatted by Tucsonans.

Fitzwire- Florida’s Republican Governor Rick Scott today unveiled his complete list of banned words, terms and phrases in a press conference o…

Fitzwire- Republicans are working around the clock to incite a war with Iran, in the words of  Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConne…

American Sniper: A popular cinematic treat about a beloved soldier who sniped over a hundred men, women and children he privately considered s…

May God speed and protect the American coalition forces that flew 700 missions against ISIL , assisting the Kurds in their tenacious liberatio…

Tucson Unified School District in a bold move to raise revenues will be placing middle school students in a TUSD high school, armed only with …

What I wouldn't give for rational, reasoning leadership. Misty-eyed Governor Ducey believes the corporate tax cuts need a chance to work in sp…

On Wednesday gunmen massacred the staff of a satirical paper in Paris hoping to avenge Allah by silencing 4 eminent cartoonists. Instead, by t…