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The Big Wedding

New on DVD

New on DVD

Robert Redford and Jackie Evancho play a father and daughter who go on the lam when the father's past catches up with him, in "The Company You Keep."

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New on DVD

New on DVD

"The Company You Keep" (R, 120 minutes, Sony): Jim Grant (Robert Redford, who also directed) has been living under an assumed name and working as a respectable lawyer when the FBI arrests a former colleague and fellow fugitive from his radical days (Susan Sarandon). Jim, a widower with a you…

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'The Big Wedding': Unhappily ever after

"Marriage is like a phone call late at night," Robert De Niro says, in dulcet voice-over mode, at the outset of "The Big Wedding." "First comes the ring, and then you wake up."

April 28, 2013 12:00 amLoading…

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