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No citations issued in fatal bicycle collision.

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Cartel targeted in operation launched by Mexican authorities from Arizona.

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A hole appeared Monday over a cross-border drug tunnel in Nogales, Sonora. 

  • Kimberly Matas Arizona Daily Star

A Mexican man was arrested Wednesday at the Port of Nogales for attempting to smuggle more than 8,000 pounds of marijuana into the United States.

  • Arizona Daily Star

Border officers in Nogales say a woman was arrested this week when five pounds of heroin was found stuffed in her underwear.

  • Arizona Daily Star

A completed drug tunnel was found Tuesday night in the backyard shed of a Nogales house, border officials say.

  • The Associated Press

The son of one of Mexico's most wanted drug lords has been arrested on drug trafficking charges while entering the United States through Nogal…

  • The Associated Press

A tractor-trailer carrying a load of squash from Hermosillo, Sonora was also carrying the largest load of marijuana seized on Arizona's border…

The Cochise County Attorney’s Office will not file charges against a Border Patrol agent who shot and killed a Douglas teenager more than two …

  • Perla Trevizo Arizona Daily Star

The family of a teen killed by a Border Patrol agent said it will keep fighting after the Justice Department decided not to pursue criminal charges.


Guadalupe Guerrero, left, mother of Carlos LaMadrid and aunt Reyna Guerrero, were at a news conference Monday, denouncing the decision to clos…

  • Ron Medvescek / Arizona Daily St

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A man and woman were apprehended at an Arizona border crossing this week with about 10 pounds of methamphetamine taped to their bodies, officials say.

  • Perla Trevizo Arizona Daily Star

Border officials in Arizona are seeing an increasing number of immigrants from India being smuggled into the United States.

  • The Associated Press The Associated Press

Five sets of skeletal remains found concealed in the desert west of Tucson appear to be homicide victims, authorities said Tuesday.


A truck with migrants headed north to the border pulls into the "tollbooth" at the south end of the washboard dirt road that is the main route…

  • Perla Trevizo Arizona Daily Star

The number of people apprehended along the Southwest border is rising for a second fiscal year after an eight-year decline.

Five people were killed Saturday night when an SUV being pursued by U.S. Border Patrol agents crashed east of Tucson, officials said.

  • The Associated Press And Arizona Daily Star The Associated Press And Arizona Daily Star

Border officers seize fraudulent credit cards in Nogales

  • Tim Steller Arizona Daily Star

Merchants from Fronteras, Sonora, gave the man a wad of money to spend on guns and ammunition in Douglas and smuggle them back south.