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United States Constitution

Federal court upholds new Arizona legislative district maps

PHOENIX — A federal court refused Tuesday to disturb the lines for the state’s 30 legislative districts even if they were designed in part to favor Democrats.

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Court dismisses challenge to Arizona congressional maps

PHOENIX — Arizona voters have a constitutional right to wrest control of drawing congressional boundaries from the Legislature, a federal court ruled late Friday.

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Repairing the voting rights act

The following editorial appeared Friday in the Los Angeles Times:

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Time to honor our history, wave freedom's flag from middle

Time to honor our history, wave freedom's flag from middle

It’s just a few weeks into a new year, still a long way to November, but the primary battles for both parties are already underway, not only for this year’s elections, but for 2016 as well.

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Celebrating our Constitutuion

Celebrating our Constitutuion

Today is U.S. Constitution Day and the 226th anniversary of our nation’s founding document. This word cloud is based on the original document and does not include the amendments. You’ll find information about the Constitution and quizzes to challenge your knowledge at

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High court sends back Texas race-based plan

WASHINGTON — Affirmative action in college admissions survived Supreme Court review Monday in a consensus decision that avoided the difficult constitutional issues surrounding a challenge to the University of Texas admission plan.

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