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  • The Associated Press

Guest lineups for Sunday’s TV news shows:

Senator Jeff Flake: For God's sake, when are you and your gutless colleagues in the Senate going to wake up? When is Congress going to do its job?

  • Eugene Robinson Washington Post Writers Group

The moment that most deserves to be remembered from Sunday's thrilling Super Bowl came before the game, when Jennifer Hudson joined students f…

  • The Associated Press

WASHINGTON — Wounded former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords spoke briefly as an unscheduled witness Wednesday at the year’s first congressional hearin…

  • Howard Fischer Capitol Media Services

PHOENIX - Calling it a compromise between extremes, Attorney General Tom Horne on Wednesday proposed training and arming principals or other t…

  • Howard Fischer Capitol Media Services

PHOENIX - The National Rifle Association said Friday it wants armed police officers in every school, raising cost questions from Republican st…

  • Olivier Douliery

"The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun."


A protester holds up a sign as Wayne LaPierre, executive vice president of the National Rifle Association, calls for armed security guards in …