You could spring for a brand-new swimsuit cover-up. But why?

Chances are you’ve probably got some scarves around that aren’t being used because it’s just too darn hot to wear them around your neck. Use them as cover-ups.

It’s easy. University of Arizona senior Lya Melendez models one of the different ways to wear scarves as cover-ups.

Here’s how to get double duty out of those scarves:

The halter: Hold the scarf horizontally behind your back, one end in each hand. Bring the ends in front of you. Crisscross around the neck and simply knot behind head.

The pareo: Hold the scarf horizontally, at waist level, and then wrap it around your backside. Holding the two ends, tie tightly at one hip.

The Grecian: Hold the scarf vertically and bring it under one arm while holding the two ends above the shoulder of the other arm. Tie securely at shoulder and gather edges at waist to tie a second knot.

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Kristen Cook