If your skin is as cracked and dry as the empty Rillito River bed, you’ll want to give shea body oil a try.

Shea butter is known to help dryness along with skin issues like psoriasis and eczema. This treatment — from Out of Africa — is an easy-to-rub-in oil rather than a solid. Plus, it’s got other good stuff in it, like vitamin E.

It might feel a little greasy on your palms at first (don’t handle any glass immediately after applying), but that quickly gives way to skin that feels well-lubed and super-soft.

Out of Africa Shea body oils come in different scents, like a crisp, lemon-y verbena. Find the oils at AJ’s Fine Foods, 2805 E. Skyline Drive, in La Encantada. A 9-ounce bottle costs $22.99, and each purchase helps provide education and medical care in West Africa.

Kristen Cook