Leading up to Arizona's centennial today, we are reprinting a story or excerpts each day from the Arizona Daily Star or Tucson Citizen archives.

Feb. 13, 1912

That the suggestion regarding the blowing of whistles and ringing of the bells to welcome the news of statehood, which was told in The Star of Sunday, is bearing fruit was evinced by several citizens yesterday. All arrangements for the big noise have now been made and await the wire bearing the news.

When the news is received, it will be telephoned immediately to the fire house, and there Chief Parker will start on the siren at the waterworks. The Southern Pacific whistles will immediately chime in, followed by the steam laundries and other mills and factories. The bells or the public schools and churches will join the chorus.

When asked about what they thought upon the subject, some Tucsonans spoke as follow:

Judge Richey - "I think every whistle, every bell and every instrument by which noise can be made without endangering life or the welfare of the community should be put into use as a demonstration of joy on the part of the people as a whole on their release from the tentacles of the industrial octopus, and their entrance into the sublime joy of the sisterhood of the states of the union. Let everybody rejoice and make merry."

Kirk Hart said: "It is a good scheme to make noise over it, for we won't have another chance.

Frank Russell of the electric light company said: "Let them toot. It's like bringing a baby into the world."

Phil Brannen said: "Sure, it's a good scheme." And Harry Webber echoed his chief's remark.

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