Leading up to Arizona's centennial Feb. 14, we'll reprint a story or excerpts each day from the Arizona Daily Star or Tucson Citizen archives.

Jan. 25, 1912

Active efforts are to be renewed at once to bring about the establishment of a brigade post at Tucson. When Congressman Carl Hayden and his secretary, A. P. Martin, go to Washington on February 1, they will be well supplied with all the arguments in favor of making this city a brigade post headquarters. Mr. Martin is now being furnished with information of that character.

The new movement started with the annual dinner at the Old Pueblo Club, at which reference to the brigade post effort was made by J. M. Ormsby. Oscar Cole, making note of the fact, wrote to Congressman-elect Hayden asking him to use his influence in Congress to secure the post for Tucson. He received a reply which he has forwarded from Douglas to Tucson, in which Mr. Hayden stated that he was strongly in favor of a brigade post in Arizona, but that he had not investigated the relative claims of Tucson, Douglas and Prescott. He suggested, however, that all data possible be given to his secretary, Mr. Martin, to take with him to Washington.

This information, now being assembled, shows the outlet for troops from Tucson to the east, west and south by the Southern Pacific, to the north by the Arizona Eastern, to the east and southeast by the El Paso & Southwestern, and the probability of the outlet to the north by the Santa Fe, and to the south by the Port Lobos railroad.

The advantages of Tucson from a standpoint of the health of the troops and as a supply point will also be shown conclusively. It is likely that a map showing the strategical location of Tucson relative to the border district and its transportation facilities will be furnished Mr. Martin.

- The Tucson Citizen

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