In leading up to Arizona's centennial Feb. 14, we'll reprint a story or excerpts each day from the Arizona Daily Star or Tucson Citizen archives.

Jan. 19, 1912

Though no announcement of a decision has been received from Washington, both sides to the contest between the Southern Pacific and the Casa Grande Valley Water Users association for the reservoir site in the Gila Box canyon are so sanguine as to consider the victory virtually won, counsel for each side apparently believing that each had offered incontrovertible arguments.

The Arizona Eastern officials in Tucson are very confident of receiving the decision from the showing made before the department of the interior, while the following telegram has been received from J. F. Brown of the Casa Grande Valley Water Users association from Charles Woolf, a member for the counsel in Washington.

"In hearing before Adams, the railroad and all reservoir applicants were represented and heard on the question of whether the railroad shall be granted the right of way, or the San Carlos dam site utilized for a reservoir. The denial of the railroad's application seems assured. We are urging immediate action on reservoir applications. Indications are favorable for the success of our applications."

- Tucson Citizen

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