In this year leading up to Arizona's centennial, Feb. 14, 2012, we'll reprint a story or excerpts each day from the Arizona Daily Star or Tucson Citizen archives.

Nov. 10, 1912

The Marleys, the noted cattle thieves, for whom the cattlemen have been on the lookout for years to obtain evidence of their thefts, have at last been convicted.

Concerning their arrest and subsequent conviction, the Southwestern Stockman says:

The notorious cattle stealing case of over one year ago in Navajo County, in which the Marleys figured, and the value of the livestock alleged to have been stolen was said to have reached the gigantic sum of $65,000, was ended at Holbrook, when the jury brought in a verdict of guilty against the father and his three sons. ...

This case attracted very much attention in livestock circles throughout the west, and was without a parallel in criminal transactions of its class. The father and his sons conducted a wholesale butcher business, it was alleged, in supplying the Santa Fe Pacific with beef on the block, and at such a reduced price that the avenue of supply was naturally questioned, and later developments led to the discovery of the ways and means they had of filling the various contracts.

A canyon north of Winslow was found where the beeves were driven to and butchered, and the precaution was taken to burn the hides that carried the various brands of the many rangemen who were losing their cattle one by one and with the regularity of the rising of the sun. ...

Associated with this crime, the Marleys kept a scrap book of press notices published throughout the nation, which was so wide in the range of notoriety that hundreds of papers mentioned the wholesale transaction. The book was nine by twelve inches in size and carried over 100 pages of printed matter of the standard column in width and in small type, with no two clippings from the same paper.

- Arizona Daily Star

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