In leading up to Arizona's centennial, Feb. 14, we'll reprint a story or excerpts each day from the Arizona Daily Star or Tucson Citizen archives.

Jan. 2, 1912

BISBEE - In the treasury of the employees benefit association of the Copper Queen Consolidated Mining company there is the handsome surplus of $13,134.37 as appears from the November report of that organization which contains much interesting information for the employees of the company and the members of the association. At the annual election, which was held on the December pay day, A. Ridgeway and W.W. Gidley of the mining department and J. Barrett and A.D. Frost of the smelter department were re-elected trustees for the ensuing year.

The bulletin just issued first shows a statement of the affairs of the association for the first eleven months of the current year. During that period the members paid in $36,491.13 and the company $22,916.66 and there was on hand a balance from 1910 of $1,331.82 which made the income account foot $60,739.61.

Expenditures show that in Bisbee there were paid $12,982.50 death benefits of which $8,030 was for accidental deaths. In Douglas the death benefits amounted to $1,095. Accident benefits in this city were $17,532.65 and in Douglas $2,188.22. Sick benefits here were $11,467.59 and from the smelter $630.956.

In November the members paid in $3,536.58. There was one death benefit paid to the estate of John Mukovich, who died in coming in contact with a live wire in the mines as he stumbled and fell in the tunnel. This amounted to $2,737.50. There were 73 accident benefits paid in Bisbee during the month, the largest single payment being to William Hugh, who was crushed by falling rocks and received $209.50. In Douglas there were 18 payments for accidents, the largest being $62.50. Sick benefits were paid to 18 in this city and three in Douglas.

- Arizona Daily Star

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