Leading up to Arizona's centennial Feb. 14, we'll reprint a story or excerpts each day from the Arizona Daily Star or Tucson Citizen archives.

Jan. 31, 1912

"I am here for pleasure and recuperation only," said Edwin G. Merrian, one of the chief legal advisors of the Missouri-Pacific system.

Mr. Merrian, who is first assistant to Vice President and General Solicitor Martin L. Clardy, of this company, came here in his private car over a month ago, and it has been constantly rumored that he was interested in the El Paso & Southwestern company.

Mr. Merrian's home is in St. Louis, and he frankly stated that he was suffering from bad health and came here to escape the rigorous winter of Missouri. He is provided with a luxurious private car, and executive officials of the road instructed him to go any place in the United States that he desired.

"I stopped off here en route to the Pacific coast," said Mr. Merrian, "but after looking over the country and being taken around by President John Mets of the Commercial Club, I became so impressed with the climate I decided to stay a week."

"One week in Tucson convinced me that this is the most glorious winter climate in all the world, and I shall go no further in search of a winter resort. The azure skies, the beautiful moonlight nights, this warm and mild climate, have proved a great boom to me and proven a veritable fountain of youth. …

"Not alone is Tucson noted for the beauty of its climate, but I believe this city has a great commercial future. While it is one of the oldest towns in the United States, it has never yet had a genuine boom. With the building of the El Paso & Southwestern railroad and the extension of the Southern Pacific into Mexico, Tucson should become a great commercial center. There is no reason why this city, with all the advantages of location and surrounded by fertile lands and rich mineral deposits, should not become a second Denver."

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