Leading up to Arizona's centennial, Feb. 14, we'll reprint a story or excerpts each day from the Arizona Daily Star or Tucson Citizen archives.

Dec. 6, 1912

In the case of Buehman versus Adams and others, a motion for a new trial was filed yesterday by the defendants. The motion will come before the court on Saturday. If the court refuses to entertain the motion, the case will be appealed to the supreme court of the state.

Buehman stated yesterday that he would file charges against each individual property holder in the red-light district, and that he would furthermore fight his present case through all the courts in the land if need be.

The case referred to in the first instance was the one in which Buehman was given an affirmative decision Wednesday by Judge Cooper. This case dealt with only that part of the red light known as number 12. Buehman intends to extend his suit to the entire district.

In regard to the matter, Buehman said, "I have lived here for the past 38 years, and am asking only the rights of an American Citizen.

"My home has been made almost uninhabitable by this district at my door. I intend to fight it all the way through. I have been working on it for years. If the case is appealed to the supreme court, I shall fight it just as hard as I ever have. There is no doubt in my mind but that I will win again in the state supreme court.

"Now that I have entered the case, I shall file a complaint against each individual property holder in the red-light district. I don't mind saying so. I am working on this phase of the case at the present time. I shall make the filings as soon as possible.

"The taxpayers are paying for watching this place. Special officers have to be detailed there as peacekeepers. These salaries are being paid by the citizens. I shall fight this thing, now that I am in it, as long as I can stand. I shall have it settled. I have no doubt but that I shall win everything."

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