Leading up to Arizona's centennial Feb. 14, we'll reprint a story or excerpts each day from the Arizona Daily Star or Tucson Citizen archives.

Jan. 20, 1912

Tucson at a glance

Area, 10 square miles

Altitude, 2,400 feet

Population 13,125

Post office receipts, 1911, $45,150.30

Assessed valuation of property, $8,300,000

Carnegie library, valued at $60,000

Public parks, 7, containing one block each

Municipal playgrounds, 3

Police Department, force consisting of chief, two sergeants, six patrolmen

Fire Department, central station chief, five firemen, 30 volunteers

Churches, 13, with buildings valued at $70,000 and lots at $30,000

Street Railway, 4 miles, valuation $100,000

University of Arizona with buildings valued at $400,000

Two Indian schools, aggregate 300 pupils, total valuation $60,000

Carnegie Desert Laboratory

U. S. Magnetic Observatory

Hospitals, 4, valued at $90,000

Hotels, 8, valued at $250,000

Streets, 100 miles, macadamized through principal business district

Wholesale houses, 5, with buildings and stock valued at $790,000

Armour & Co., Swift & Co., and Libby, McNeil and Libby packing house agencies

Southern Pacific division headquarters, ships and all property exclusive of main line, in Tucson $750,000; in county, including main line $1,133,000

Arizona Eastern, personal property only, $30,000

Factories, 16, valuation, $429,000

- The Tucson Citizen

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