Frank Borman

Courtesy of the Badger Foundation

Frank Borman

Borman, a 1946 Tucson High graduate, commanded the first manned mission to orbit the moon, Apollo 8, in 1968. He later became president of Eastern Airlines.

Cesar Chavez

This Yuma native and founder of the United Farm Workers dedicated his life to improving the pay and working conditions of laborers. He died in 1993 at age 66.

William H. Rehnquist

At his nomination, the former U.S. Supreme Court chief justice was called an Arizonan, although he lived here only from 1953 to 1969, when he was a Phoenix lawyer. He served 33 years on the Supreme Court and died in 2005.

Joan Ganz Cooney

A Phoenix native, her pioneering work in children's TV led to the creation in 1968 of "Sesame Street," watched by millions of children in more than 120 countries.

Morris K. Udall

A Democrat, he was born in St. Johns and served in Congress from 1961 to 1991. His most significant legislation was the Alaska Lands Act of 1980, which doubled the size of the national parks system and tripled the wilderness system. He died in 1998.

- Selected By Bobbie Jo Buel, editor