Kokopelli vendor Manuel Gutierrez displays his wares.

A. E. Araiza, Arizona Daily Star 1998

Cholla lamps

Back in the 1950s every curio shop sold lamps and build-it-yourself kits of cholla wood topped with laced-together picture shades.

Scorpion bola ties

The bola is the official state neckwear, but a tie with a scorpion encased in plastic is the ultimate adornment.


The flute player of T-shirts and statues bears little resemblance to its namesake, drawn on rock walls hundreds of years ago by native people.

Howling coyotes

They're our species-equivalent to flamingo yard art.

DeGrazia magnets

Critics be damned, Ted DeGrazia was an artist. But we come in praise of his magnets. Bearing drawings of angels and doe-eyed children, they clung to refrigerators across America in the 1960s and '70s.

- Selected by Bobbie Jo Buel