Arizona Trail

Many segments of the 817-mile Arizona Trail, spanning the state from Mexico to Utah, are open to mountain bikers. A stretch near Colossal Cave Mountain Park southeast of Tucson serves up rolling desert and high-horizon views of the Rincon Mountains.

Granite Basin

Single-track loop routes wend their way through woodland terrain in the Granite Basin area northwest of Prescott. Climbs, big-whoop downhills and surrounding geologic splendor make this a prime place for pedalers.

Flagstaff trails

Back roads and trails in the mountains just north of Flagstaff offer everything from an easy coast to don't-even-think-about-it. The popular Schultz Creek Trail is a super-scenic single track along a winding watercourse.

Starr Pass

A rich mix of terrain and a loop-route configuration draw riders of all skill levels to this area of Tucson Mountain Park. Challenges include rocky surfaces and cacti hemming some trail segments.

Sedona trails

Single-track trails take riders into the heart of red-rock splendor at several sites near town. Schnebly Hill Road east of Sedona and nearby trails offer more rides with ooh-aah views.

- Selected by Doug Kreutz