Bennett and Jacquie Dorrance

They live in Phoenix but are UA grads. Bennett is a developer and his grandfather was the owner of Campbell Soup Co. The Dorrance Family Foundation had assets of $56 million in 2008.

Virginia G. Piper

Her charitable trust was started with money from Motorola, which her first husband founded. Its assests as of 2008 were $427 million. She died in 1999.

Robert and Irene Flinn

He was a Phoenix cardiologist and she brought her own wealth to the marriage. Together they created a foundation that three years ago listed assets of $152 million.

Horace and Ethel Steele

He made money in petroleum and trucking and upon his death in 1985 endowed the Steele Foundation, which in 2008 had assets of $63 million.

Nina Mason Pulliam

A former publisher of the Arizona Republic and Phoenix Gazette, her trust - with assests of $284 million - benefits groups in both Arizona and Indiana.

- Selected based on information from The Foundation Center