Elle of Ganado

Navajo, circa 1860-1924. The weaver was twice called on to weave gifts for U.S. presidents.

Mabel Burnside Myers

Navajo, 1922-1987. Myers revived the vegetable dye tradition.

Barbara Teller Ornelas

Navajo, born in 1954. Ornelas is known for the Two Grey Hill pattern, which is where her family is from.

Sadie Curtis

Ganado, born circa 1922. Curtis specializes in the Chief Chief and Revival styles.

D.Y. Begay

Navajo, born 1953. She weaves very contemporary landscape styles. Her colors and images are a departure from traditional Navajo weaving.

- Selected by Diane Dittemore, the ethnological collections curator, and Ann Hedlund, a Navajo weaving expert, both at the Arizona State Museum, and Mark Bahti, Bahti Indian Arts.