Pine forests

The crisp, clean air that hits your nostrils as soon as you ascend from desert floor to mountain greenery is one no spray can nor "plug-in" deodorizer can ever hope to duplicate. Ah. Breathe in. Deeply.

Creosote after a rain

It is, to desert dwellers, what a rainbow is to rain - a welcoming promise of relief in a land too often parched but now renewed, if only for a time.


Saddles, chaps, boots. Stroll into any shop that makes or sells what cowboys have always used and a sweet, almost mellow scent will envelop you - just as it did to others 100 years ago.

Green chiles roasting

From supermarket parking lots to backyard grills, its tangy aroma signals that summer may be almost spent, and fall, if not just around the corner, can't be too far removed.

Mesquite campfire

The wood sizzles and pops, its smoke curling into wafts of pungency unlike that of any other wood. It permeates our outer selves - and our senses.

- Selected by Bonnie Henry