The Arizona Daily Star Centennial Coin Collection is a set of 5 Copper coins Celebrating Arizona’s 100th Anniversary as a State.  Each coin celebrates a different aspect of Arizona’s history.  Specifically, Climate, Copper, Citrus, Cattle and Cotton.   The coin set is being sponsored by Rosemont Copper and the Arizona Daily Star, and will be available after May 22, 2011.  


Can I preorder coins before they are available?

Arizona Daily Star subscribers in good standing can preorder up to 10 sets of 5 coins by calling Customer Service at (520) 807-8050.     

How much do the coins cost?

Subscribers preordering through Customer Service will pay $39.95 per set plus tax.  Credit Card only.  

I’m not an Arizona Daily Star subscriber.  Can I still preorder coin sets?

Preordering is a benefit being offered to home delivery subscribers only. However, you can become a subscriber now and become eligible to pre-order coin sets immediately!  We even have a special offer running where if you purchase certain home delivery subscriptions at full price, you will be eligible for a complimentary set!  Restrictions apply.

Can I buy the coins in stores?

After May 22, 2011, individual coins will be available to the public at Walgreens at a cost of $14.99 per coin (or $7.99 with a coupon that will be available in Sunday papers) plus tax. 

Can I buy the coins in the Arizona Daily Star lobby?

No. Coins will only be available through Customer Service and Walgreens. 

What if you run out of coins before I order?

Coins are being offered on a first come, first serve basis, and we cannot guarantee availability.  

I preordered a coin set through Customer Service.  When and how will I receive my coins?

We expect the coins to be available for fulfillment beginning May 22, 2011. You will receive your coins via U.S. Mail.

What are the coin’s specifications?  

Because production is still in process, we won’t know the final specs until we have the final product.  However, the coins are being minted in the United States, and we are expecting them to be 100% copper, approximately 1.5 inches in diameter, and weigh approximately 1 Oz.   

Are the coins official U.S. currency?

No. The promotion was developed for our readers' enjoyment, and to help commemorate the 100th anniversary of Arizona as a state.