First in the House, then the Senate, he served Arizona almost 57 years.

Native Arizonan Carl Trumbull Hayden was just 34 when he became Arizona's first congressman.

He served in the House until 1927, then was elected to the Senate and stayed until 1969. At 56 years, 319 days, that's the second longest congressional tenure in history (after the late Robert Byrd of West Virginia).

Hayden, who was born at what's now Tempe, was the popular Democratic sheriff of Maricopa County before statehood.

In the House and Senate, he rarely spoke on the floor. He liked to call himself a workhorse, not a show horse.

Hayden did work behind the scenes to win huge federal dollars for water and road projects, including the Central Arizona Project. He was chair of the Senate apprpriations committee from 1955 to 1969.