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Benjie Sanders

Arizona Daily Star.

The new governor gave a relatively brief inaugural speech. These are excerpts:

"Government is the people's business - all people's business - and it shall be administered in the interest of all the people, not only for their material and financial benefit, betterment and protection, but for their increased pleasure and happiness."


"The office of the governor will be open every working hour, every working day in the year, and I think I may safely say many hours beside. And when I say 'open' I mean open to all alike - to the rich and poor, the high and low, the young and old, of either sex, or whatever race, of every religion and political creed."


"I cannot refrain from suggesting that one of the earliest acts of the Legislature should be the enactment of an anti-lobbying law, which will not only obviate the annoyance to members by the importunities of agents interested in special legislation, and prevent the use of the legislative chamber and the Capitol building by such agents, except under proper and legal restrictions, but will also require by public registration or otherwise, compliance with such conditions as will disclose the identity, the employment and the purpose of every lobbyist in the city having business or desiring communication with the Legislature."

George W.P. Hunt

Born: Nov. 1, 1859, in Huntsville, Mo.

Came to Arizona: In 1881, driving before him two burros. He worked at a Globe restaurant for two years, then had a series of jobs culminating in presidency of a store and a bank.

Party: Democrat.

Governorship: He was Arizona's first, second, third, sixth, seventh, eighth and 10th governor. He also ran and lost twice.

Died: Dec. 24, 1934. He is buried under a pyramid-shaped tomb in Phoenix's Papago Park.