To get a glimpse of our future in 2062, I turned to my friends on Facebook. This seemed fitting. Facebook was something no one could have predicted 100 or 50 years ago; perhaps it could be a place to see our far-flung future clearly.

My Facebook friends looked deep into their screens and offered these predictions:

• In 2062, University of Arizona faithful will be thinking maybe 2063 will be the year the football team finally goes to the Rose Bowl. The team will have a new coach and, most importantly, an outstanding punter.

• The governor of Baja Arizona will once again beg the feds for more resources along our northern border because of an influx of vigilantes named "The Grandsons of Joe" from our neighbor, "Alta Arizona."

• I will still be writing columns about Rio Nuevo, which will finally release a full accounting of how all that money was spent. Unfortunately, the info released will be incomprehensible and outdated.

• Arizonans will be drinking treated effluent. That's actually not a joke. We will be drinking toilet-to-tap water, and we will be thankful for it.

• Humans will have gone "Borg," with many choosing to implant micro-computers into their brains. These computers will be intended to monitor our health vitals, but most people will use them to constantly stream Facebook and Twitter updates as well as send text messages through our fragmented thoughts.

• Despite global warming, folks at the Arroyo Cafe will still be thankful that it's a dry heat.

Arizona Daily Star Columnist Josh Brodesky moved to Tucson when he was 9 months old, making him native enough.