Monica Hernandez was stopped last August because the red lights on the back of her pickup weren't illuminated. She was cited for driving witho…


Marco Quiroz-Quijada was referred to Border Patrol after his dog got loose.

On Oct. 8, more than 100 activists encircled a Border Patrol vehicle holding a driver and passenger Tucson police had stopped because of an im…

The ACLU argues Alejandro Valenzuela was detained for no other reason than to check his immigration status and to transport him to federal aut…

Tucson police stopped Alberto Garcia because a records check showed a mandatory insurance suspension on the vehicle he was driving.


Cristina Loya was stopped for speeding in Douglas and was referred to Border Patrol after she couldn't provide a driver's license and valid visa.

Martin Diaz Felix was walking along North Oracle Road when an officer stopped him for walking in the same direction as traffic.

In 2010, a Cochise County deputy stopped a man walking in front of Longhorn Tavern because he suspected he was in the country illegally.

In 2010, a Cochise County deputy approached a man seated on a bench he thought was illegally in the country.

A man was referred to Border Patrol after an officer saw that the air fresheners hung low and obstructed the windshield.

In 2012, a Douglas police officer approached Efrain Calvo Herrera while he sat on a bench outside Oasis Bar, near a food pantry.