Map: Tucson Police Department immigration checks

February 26, 2014 2:44 pm

Tucson Police Department dispatchers record each immigration check an officer makes over the radio. Officers are instructed to verify immigration status anytime they suspect someone they've stopped for another reason to be in the country illegally as well as anytime they arrest someone. This data includes checks done in July and August 2013. The department provided 2,030 forms, but the addresses were blank, illegible or could not be found on a map in 64 cases. A red dot reflects that the driver was cited for a license or registration offense. Blue dots include all other offense categories. Data from the South Tucson Police Department was not available.

Download the data to this map here.

About this series

As part of an investigation into the effects of SB 1070, the Arizona Daily Star collected thousands of records documenting local law enforcement calls to Border Patrol to check a person’s immigration status. Although the intention of the legislation was to standardize local immigration enforcement, the end result was a patchwork of policies and interpretations that engrained philosophical differences across jurisdictions.

This series examines in depth the practices of 13 Southern Arizona law-enforcement agencies and the economic and legislative impacts of the law.

Some data was made available by The Center for Investigative Reporting.

The Arizona Daily Star Team

Editor: Jill Jorden Spitz

Reporters: Perla Trevizo and Carli Brosseau

Photographers: Kelly Presnell, Mamta Popat, Mike Christy and Ron Medvescek

Contributors: Amer Taleb, Becky Pallack, Britain Eakin, Darren DaRonco and Samantha Munsey

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