UA coach Sean Miller spoke at Pac-12 media day in San Francisco on Oct. 12, 2017.

Bruce Pascoe Arizona Daily Star

SAN FRANCISCO — Unlike Arizona, the Pac-12 didn't try to impose any restrictions on media questions at its men's basketball media day.

But that didn't change Sean Miller's answers any. The UA coach stuck by his previous statement that he is supporting investigations into the allegations against his program as a result of the Sept. 26 federal complaint, and that he says he's run a program committed to integrity.

Here's the transcript of the first three questions he was asked after his opening statement Thursday:

Q. You've given a statement, but did you have any idea that Coach Richardson was taking bribes?

SEAN MILLER: "I'm going to stand by the statement that I gave."

Q. Were you questioned by the F.B.I.?

SEAN MILLER: "I'm going to stand by the statement that I gave."

Q. What responsibility does a head coach have no knowing what's going on in his program with situations like that?

SEAN MILLER: "I'm going to stand by the statement that I've given."

The rest of Miller's interview was mostly along those lines, except when said it meant "the world" to him that UA president Robert Robbins and AD Dave Heeke publicly supported him, and when he was asked about issues on the court. 

Miller said Rawle Alkins' "spirits are actually great," with him still expected to return in 6-10 weeks, and Miller said Parker Jackson-Cartwright missed media day and a pair of practices with a thigh bruise but has since returned.

Things were so tense that by the time Pachoops' Adam Butler asked Miller if he has the best team in the country, Miller broke out a short laugh.

"I appreciate the question," he said. "I don't think so right now."

The rest of Miller's comments before print and digital media have been transcribed here.

Earlier Thursday, UA was picked to win the conference.