Arizona coach Rich Rodriguez's staff has experienced a ton of turnover since the end of the 2015 season. 

Kelly Presnell / Arizona Daily Star

After a period of stability, the Arizona Wildcats have experienced significant coaching-staff turnover since 2013.

But it isn’t necessarily a sign that the program is in a state of decline or disarray – despite last year’s 3-9 record.

Job-hopping and staff changes are a fact of life in college and pro football, and neither is restricted to losing teams. Some examples:

* 2016 Pac-12 champion Washington will have a new offensive line coach (Scott Huff) and a new co-offensive coordinator/wide receivers coach (Matt Lubick) in 2017.

* 2016 national runner-up Alabama cycled through three offensive coordinators – from Lane Kiffin to Steve Sarkisian to Brian Daboll – in the span of about a month.

* 2016 Rose Bowl champion USC had four different head coaches at various points over four years: Kiffin, Sarkisian, Ed Orgeron and Clay Helton. The Trojans also had four offensive line coaches in five years spanning the career of NFL-bound tackle Zach Banner.

Still, the recent changes to Arizona’s staff felt somewhat jarring given the lack of changes that preceded them. Rich Rodriguez had the same set of nine full-time, on-field assistants from 2013-15. Now, only three remain: Rod Smith, Calvin Magee (who has added tight ends to his responsibilities) and Jim Michalczik.

Here’s a look at how Arizona’s staff has evolved since the end of the 2015 season (changes to coaches or coaching assignments in bold):


  • Quarterbacks: Rod Smith
  • Running backs: Calvin Magee
  • Tight ends: Charlie Ragle
  • Wide receivers: Tony Dews
  • Offensive line: Jim Michalczik
  • Defensive line: Bill Kirelawich
  • Linebackers: Jeff Casteel (DC)
  • Safeties: Matt Caponi
  • Cornerbacks: David Lockwood
  • Special teams: Charlie Ragle


  • Quarterbacks: Smith
  • Running backs: Magee
  • Tight ends: Ragle
  • Wide receivers: Dews
  • Offensive line: Michalczik
  • Defensive line: Vince Amey
  • Linebackers: Marcel Yates (DC)
  • Safeties: Jahmile Addae
  • Cornerbacks: Donté Williams
  • Special teams: Ragle


  • Quarterbacks: Smith
  • Running backs: Magee
  • Tight ends: Magee
  • Wide receivers: Theron Aych
  • Offensive line: Michalczik
  • Defensive line: Amey
  • Linebackers: Scott Boone
  • Safeties: Addae/Yates (DC)
  • Cornerbacks: Yates
  • Special teams: Brian Knorr