If Friday night was the antithesis of Arizona’s season — winning a close game, in extra innings, in a game the Wildcats were outhit — then Saturday night at Hi Corbett Field was, well, the thesis.

It started off close, the middle innings were a struggle, and there was a late comeback attempt, but in the end Arizona lost to Stanford 10-6. It dropped the Wildcats to 19-29 on the season, the most losses for the UA in 14 years. They fell to 8-18 in the Pac-12.

Andy Lopez attributed the loss in large part to John Hochstatter’s dominance on the mound for Stanford and, conversely, Cody Hamlin’s struggles for Arizona.

“Their guy was pretty good tonight, he’s been good all year,” Lopez said of Hochstatter. “He’s really been a good college pitcher. I hope our young guys learn from him. He kept us off balance.”

As for Hamlin, Lopez said this was “maybe his roughest outing of the year. I’ll go back and look later, but my thought right now is that was probably his roughest outing of the year, so you know it proves he’s human, I guess, because he’s been pretty consistent. He’s been pretty doggone good.”

On Saturday, Hamlin (5-4) gave up 14 hits in five-plus innings, with seven earned runs and three strikeouts.

Coming in, Hamlin had a 3.22 ERA. Going out, it jumped to 4.17.

“We had some struggles on the mound tonight,” said catcher Riley Moore. “Which is not normal, especially for Cody Hamlin. He’s been nails for us. But, nobody’s perfect.”

Hochstatter, on the other hand, went 8º innings, allowed four earned runs and eight hits, with four Ks.

Still, the score was tied 2-2 after three innings, then things went south pretty quickly by the fifth inning.

Hamlin allowed three singles, three doubles and five earned runs in that span before he was relieved by Cody Moffett, who allowed a single, a double and two earned runs.

Finally, Nathan Bannister came in, gave up a single and then induced a double play. By the time that happened, the score was 9-3. And by the time Arizona came to bat in the bottom of the ninth inning, it was 10-3, Stanford outhitting the UA 20-8.

Finally, there were some signs of life. Tyler Krause singled, and then freshman Willie Calhoun scored him on a triple — the first of his career. Bobby Dalbec scored Calhoun on a groundout, Moore singled and then Kenny Meimerstorf scored Moore on a double to left.

It was 10-6, but there were already two outs.

“We gotta capitalize,” said Calhoun, who went 3 for 4 with three runs and an RBI. “We had that in us the whole game, but we waited until the last inning, which isn’t good.”

Added Moore, who was 2 for 3 with 2 RBIs: “I mean, a loss is a loss. If anything, for me, it just kinda aggravates me more knowing we had that in us the whole time and we didn’t do it until the last inning. … I think if we come out and get after it (Sunday) we can win this series.”

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