From left, UA coach Jerry Kindall, Ron Hassey and his dad, Bill, and UA assistant Jim Wing watch Ron sign his letter of intent to play for the Wildcats.


The EGOT is the showbiz holy grail.

Only 11 people have won an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony, including Mel Brooks.

Ron Hassey might just be baseball's version of Brooks - or, at least, Tucson's.

Hassey, the New Orleans Zephyrs manager and former UA catcher, is a baseball legend here for three reasons.

1. He won a state championship with Tucson High.

2. He won a NCAA title with the Wildcats.

3. He won a World Series with the Oakland Athletics.

Fun fact: He also won a city championship with Mansfield Junior High in 1967.

"Those are the things you try to accomplish as a player," Hassey said before his Triple-A Zephyrs lost 7-6 to the Tucson Padres in a Pacific Coast League game at Kino Stadium on Thursday night.

"To be able to win as a pro, as an amateur and in college, the whole bit, makes you feel like you've accomplished something in your life. I've been in the game for 37 years, and there's been a lot of ups and downs."

Hassey's major-league ups included three World Series appearances, a career .323 post-season batting average in 16 games (all with the A's), and his feat as the only one in big-league history to catch two perfect games - with Len Barker in 1981 and Dennis Martinez in 1991.

In reality, he was never a star, more of a well-traveled role player. He played for six teams in 13 seasons (in order: Indians, Cubs, Yankees, White Sox, Athletics, Expos), had a career .266 batting average, 71 home runs and 438 RBIs.

But, it's easy to note the best part of Hassey's career - that aforementioned trifecta.

"I'm very fortunate and lucky to have been able to play on good teams," Hassey said. "It's not just me. It's a team effort."

Here's a look at those three signature moments:

High school state championship

Where: Tucson High

When: 1972

The manager: Ray Adkins

The number: 25-0. The Badgers record in their championship season

He said it: "When you win a title like that, you kinda remember it and you remember the players who played on that team. It was a good team, it was really special. Ray Adkins made it fun to play baseball, and I think when you play any type of sport you gotta have fun while you do it. You remember those times."

NCAA Championship

Where: University of Arizona

When: 1976

The manager: Jerry Kindall

The number: 1. This marked the first of three World Series titles for Kindall.

He said it: "The College World Series was the best moment of my career, because when I first came to the U of A that was Kindall's first year, his first recruiting class. It took four years to win a World Series, and to be able to do that in a short period of time was very special. It's not easy to win."

World Series winner

When: 1989

The manager: Tony La Russa

The Number: 0. At-bats in the 1989 World Series for Hassey. He had six at-bats in the ALCS that year.

He said it: "Yeah, that was special. You hit a goal when the season starts and then you accomplish it."