Face it: you won't be getting any work done today. 

The Arizona Wildcats play Belmont at 4:20 p.m. today in an NCAA tournament game. The first day of "March Madness" will be a long one, leaving you plenty of time to study up before tipoff. Read all of the Daily Star's gaemday preview coverage (or just click on the links below), then check out our new game-by-game, basket-by-basket breakdown

Can't get enough? Here's what others are saying about today's tournament game:   

The Tennessean's David Climer writes that it's fashionable to pick Belmont this year — and that's because they're good. (While you're there, check out this photo gallery and this video.)

The Belmont Vision — that's their student paper — said the Bruins' lack of a true big man won't be a problem. (Neat video there too). 

The Belmont Byrd Cage — Belmont's coach's last name is Byrd, get it? — makes a case for a Belmont win. Here's a Q&A with star Ian Clark. And this dude's dog has picked Belmont in an upset.

The Salt Lake Tribune writes that Belmont's win over Stanford has given them hope they can beat another Pac-12 team

This guy at Opposing Views — not exactly a sports site, but whatever — said he "knows" Belmont will beat the UA

The Seattle Times picks Arizona to both win and cover the 4 1/2-point spread.